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About Us

Vosa Digital puts Electrical Contractors in front of homeowners who are in need of new installs, service and maintenance.

We help Electricians generate high-profit jobs consistently and dominate their market.

About James Wipplinger

Entrepreneur| Founder of Vosa Digital

James Wipplinger discovered his passion for electricity at a very young age. After high school, he completed a two year electrical program and started working as an electrician full-time.

After completing his apprenticeship and working in residential, commercial, agricultural, and oilfield settings- he passed his journeyman exam and went on to lead his own jobs.

At Vosa Digital, James understands the need electricians have to consistently land high-value jobs every month without buying shared leads or wasting advertising dollars on methods that simply don’t work for contractors.

James has dedicated his career to serving electrical contractors on a global level and founded an agency that not only understands marketing, but also understands the electrical world.